Marketing coaching & writing services for course creators.

Let me make your marketing strategy cheaper, easier, and way more effective. My team & I can also write anything you need to support it.

Recorded on video. No meetings needed.

“She really GETS it and helped us achieve amazing results!”
Jenny Tran
Founder Fint Cloud
"I am over the moon excited that you were able to capture the vision of my request. I am very happy with the outcome."
Stacey Lepitre
Founder Beautiful You Coaching
"The first page Maya wrote for me converted so well, I am here for another.”
Jhannel Wilson
Founder The Savvy REI
“Excellent, awesome, brilliant! I couldn’t stop smiling while I was reading. I have never read anything so mesmerising online.”
James Samsel
Boxing & Kickboxing coach
"The quality is superb! The copy for each element is so wonderfully written that I feel like I need to sign up for my own webinar and course!“
Sherica Matthews
Feminine Success Mastery

Are you in “learning marketing” mode?

See what you can do with us.

Are you reading Russel Brunson’s books or signing up for Marie Forleo’s classes, or watching Frank Kern’s YouTube videos, trying to apply those savvy marketing strategies to grow your business? 

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed by all that needs to be done? 

Let us put things in perspective, help you focus on the right marketing tactics, and execute the writing to perfection (because writing is the most critical, time-consuming part of marketing, even with AI at your fingertips.) 

Our writing packages allow you to put marketing on autopilot, create an influential brand and become a thought leader in your industry. We write. 

  • Freebies: written and designed. 
  • E-mails: newsletters & sales e-mails. 
  • Web copy. 
  • Landing pages.
  • Platform-specific copy: a profile no one can ignore.  
  • Authority-building blog posts. 
  • Copy for entire sales funnels. 
  • Ghostwriting for PR pitches, e-books & more.
10 x
10 +
Years in

Hey! I'm Maya.

In 2014, I left my well-paid job in sales to become a life coach. And let me tell you, I was wildly unsuccessful.

After a year with only four clients, I discovered the power of copywriting, which exploded my results.

Excited about my discovery, I began offering copywriting as an additional service and eventually became a full-time freelance copywriter.

Fast forward 10 years and I’ve completed over 2000 projects across multiple industries, invested thousands in my craft and generated millions in sales for my clients.

Then came “The Average Agency” where we combined marketing knowledge, coaching skills and copywriting. 

Why “average”? Because we’re here to mock your imposter syndrome. We know that average as you may feel sometimes, you have that unique superpower that can change lives.

And we can help you find it & put it into words.

So let’s do this.

200 K+
Reads on Medium
1200 +
5-star reviews
2000 +
Projects Completed
10 +
Years in business

Let me read your copy.

If you want feedback from a 6-figure copywriter, you can leave a link to a sales page or copy/paste an e-mail or an ad. All my recommendations are supported by data. 

You’ll understand: 

  • What’s impressive about your page and how to use it in other things you put online. 
  • What needs fixing, and the simplest way to fix it.  
  • Bonus: authority-building content ideas or freebie ideas to get more people to read your improved sales copy. 

I’ll give you all this recorded on video & checklist, no need for a meeting. 


“This was a whole new level!”
Wouter A.
Founder Beans App
“Maya KILLED it. Just killed it. I’m in a niche with a unique audience and she delivered copy that communicates to that niche perfectly.”
Ron Gilcreast
"The copy was so good I wanted to buy my own product.”
Nick Schlager
Former NCAA D1 Wrestler & author
"I'm never writing my own blog posts again!"
Jhannel Wilson
Founder The Savvy REI